Plans & Fees


Plan switch fee (one time only, after the plan is setup)

  • Koodo:
    - $100 (new number or keep your current number)
  • Fido1:
    - $50 (new number)
  • Rogers1:
    - $100 (new number)
- 10% discount for additional lines or referrals (see FAQ section for details)
- See what previous clients had to say here

Check footnotes 1 2 and 3 at the bottom of the page for extra details

Koodo Plans

LTE Data Monthly (BYOD2) With new phone3
2GB $35 $45-$50
4GB $45 $55-$60
8GB $49 $64-$79
10GB $56 $71-$86
Extra: All plans include free SMS world wide from Canada
Note: Koodo is owned by Telus and uses its tower network

Fido1 Plans

LTE Data Monthly (BYOD2) With new phone3
5GB $48 $65
8GB $56 $76

Rogers1 Plans

LTE Data Monthly (BYOD2) With new phone3
5GB $55 $65 or $75
10GB $65 $75 or $85
15GB $75 $85 or $95

1 Rogers and Fido system blocks transfering numbers to these plans since 20 March 2017. Nobody can override the system so be wary of such claims, don't get scammed. For complete details and solution see FAQ section for details.
2BYOD = bring your own device, aka you have your own unlocked phone.
3monthly rate if buying a new phone. After 2 years, monthly rate drops to the BYOD price. Phone prices varies, please contact us.

All of the above plans include the following:
- Unlimited All-Across Canada Calling + Texting
- Caller ID
- Voicemail
- Call Waiting + Conference Calling (3-Way calling)
- All data is LTE canada-Wide

Unlocking Services

Unlocking services for the following brands:

  • Apple iPhones
  • Android cellphones
  • Other brands

See what previous clients had to say here


Please send the following to including payment
  1. IMEI (type *#06# on your handset to get your IMEI)
  2. Name of the wireless provider the phone is locked
  3. Phone model number
  4. Payment either via interac e-transfer or paypal (add $1 to cover paypal fees for buyer protection)
    • iPhones locked on the following networks
          - Rogers, Fido: $19.95
          - Bell, Virgin: $29.95
          - Telus, Koodo: $19.95
    • Android: locked on the following networks
          - Rogers, Fido: $9.95
          - Bell, Virgin: $9.95
          - Telus, Koodo: $9.95
    • Network and lock check
          - Unsure about the network or lock status? add $3 to the payment and request a status check with your order. A check will be done before submitting the IMEI for unlocking
  5. Nota bene:
    -time frame is 1-2 business days (excludes weekends and stat holidays).

- No refund if IMEI is incorrect
- No refund if wireless provider is incorrect
- No refund if phone is already unlocked
- No refund if the phone is blacklisted (Rogers/Fido exception)
- (iPhone only) Make sure that “Find my iPhone” feature is off. No refund if left on
- Once IMEI is submitted for processing, it cannot be cancelled until processed
- On rare ocasions the processing can take longer than estimated above. We have no control over this. In this case we ask for your patience

Cloud Storage


Size Monthly price Annual price (3 months free)
25 GB $2.95 $26.55
50GB $4.95 $44.55
75GB $6.95 $62.55
100GB $8.95 $80.55
150GB $12.95 $116.55
250GB $19.95 $179.55

- 24/7 remote access
- RAID 6 and off-site redundancy
- Dropbox style sync on multiple devices
- Desktop style visual interface. Demo here
- FTP access via clients such as Filezilla

Why choose us for cloud storage

  • 30 days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, we will give you a full refund.
  • Synology based cloud storage. Take a demo here.
  • Non-US based. Keep your private files, private.
  • RAID 6, off-site redundancy and UPS safety checks in place to protect your data.


Q: Can I keep my existing number?
A: You can if you choose to go with Telus or Koodo plans. For Fido and Rogers unfortunately is no longer possible.

Q: Why can't numbers be transfered to Rogers and Fido on these plans?
A: Since 20 March 2017 Rogers and Fido updated the system to prevent transfering phone numbers to these cheap plans. Be very wary of anyone claiming they can still transfer your number, don't get scammed. The system itself denies it and employees themselves cannot override it. If the number is very important to you, use our Telus or Koodo plans.

Q: My number is important for work/business/family. Any solutions if I still want to take advantage of these prices with Rogers or Fido?
A: Here at plans4canada we have looked into solutions and have found a way where you can use your current phone number to forward all calls to the new phone number for free, with no monthly bill, indefinitely. You can continue giving your current phone numbers to work, friends and family. Contact us for details.

Q: How are you able to offer these plans?
A: Since 2012 we have built multiple partnerships with top Canadian service providers to bring our customers un-heard of plans at unprecedented rates

Q: When is the payment required?
A: Payment is required only after plan has been setup and the client confirms it.

Q: What payment methods do you accept
A: Interac e-Transfer.

Q: How does the 10% discount work?
A: Any additional lines you sign up will be at a 10% discount. Also, if you refer people and they sign up for this service, we will rebate you (via interac e-Transfer) 10% of the fee they paid us, once paid in full. No cap! (10 referrals will reimburse you the entire cost, more than 10 and you make money!)

Q: Is your service 100% guaranteed?
A: YES! And you only pay after the plan is setup and you confirm it

Q: Why is this service risk free?
A: First, you have 15 days to return your SIM (and phone) for a full refund if for whatever reason the plan is not switched. Second, you only pay my fee AFTER your plan is switched. Therefore our service is risk free.

Q: Will the plan ever expire or be taken away from me?
A: No! The plan will not disappear, be revoked, or expire unless you cancel or stop paying your bills.

Q: Can we still contact you after we have the plan and we paid for the service?
A: Of course! We provide continuous support. Over half of our new customers are referred by previous customers. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, look forward to hear from your friends and family to sign up, and provide you that sweet sweet referral bonus refund.

Q: You say you can provide more references from your previous clients who switched?
A: YES! Click here :). Many more are available upon request, only a handful have been uploaded to keep the website load light.

Q: How long does it take for the entire process?
A: Switching your plan and porting the number from your current provider takes a few days up to a week. Until then, continue using your current provider. The number will be ported only if the plan was successfully switched. Therefore, once the number is ported (and your old provider line automatically closed), your new plan is 100% functional immediately. Remember not to use the plan until the number is ported.

Q: Is this similar to the cell phone black market plans I've read about on news articles?
A: Yes, this has been reported on websites such as Mobile Syrup and CBC.


Plans for Canada
home of the original 48 plan for 5GB, unlimited talk/text Canada wide.

BEWARE of fake copycats. If the ad you saw on kijiji or craiglist claims to be plans4canada, it is only authentic if it has the same phone number and email found on this site under Contact.

We have successfully setup over 6000 customers since 2012 on these plans and have helped saved individuals and families 50-70% off monthly phone bills and spend that money where it matters. For what they had to say click here.

Keep your same phone number from your current carrier. It can be Rogers, Telus, Bell, Virgin, Chatr, Fido, Wind, Koodo, Public Mobile, Speakout, or any other carrier.

Bring your own phone or get a new one (including Samsung S9, S9+, Google Pixel 2 and XL, iPhone X and 9, S8, S8+, iPhone 7, SE, LG G5, G4, Huawei, HTC, etc)

No Zone restrictions coast to coast nationwide coverage on LTE networks.

Previous clients



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